Prioritize roads leading to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes

We have to invest in the roads and bridges that Michiganders need to move themselves throughout their everyday lives. Today, 41% of roads in Oakland county are rated as poor or failing. Only 13% of roads in our county recieve a good score. Livernois Road in between Walton and Avon is a perfect example. The main thoroughfare between Rochester High School and Crittenton hospital, it poses a serious safety risk and major inconvenience. Enough patch, let’s finally get Livernois fixed properly.

Create a comprehensive, long term plan for road repair that doesn’t close down half the state every summer

When I first started driving my father taught me that Michigan only had two seasons: Winter and construction. While originally I found it funny, I have spent the decade since waiting in traffic more frustrated than I thought possible. It is time we bring an end to the cycle of construction season by creating a long term plan for Michigan’s roadways. By coordinating with our local communities, the State can create a plan that prevents frustration and traffic build up. By ensuring that the State and local communities are communicating, we can ensure that construction concludes quickly and causes minimal closures.

Invest in quality building materials that can weather all four of Michigan’s seasons

Our great State of Michigan can have dramatically varying weather patterns throughout the year. In one week the city of Rochester Hills can go from rain, to snow, to sun, and back to snow. This causes some sincere damage to our roads, and it is time to take some preventative action. By investing in higher quality, long lasting material we can ensure that Michigan’s roads are built to handle all four of Michigan’s seasons.