Hold Monthly Town Halls within the District

The current State House Representative for Michigan’s 45th district holds one 90 minute coffee hour every two months. That is only 90 minutes every 60 days. When I become your representative in Lansing, I will do everything I can to remind you that I work for you. I have pledged to hold at least one, two hour long coffee hour every month that I am in office. It is very important that I hear the issues that face our community directly from the citizens that live in it.

Ensure that all branches of the State are subject to the Freedom of Information Act

This may sound hard to believe, but the current house of representatives in Michigan is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Now, like you, I was shocked when I first learned this. Representatives in Lansing make decisions that impact our entire State, but have repeatedly decided that you only deserve to hear what they want you to hear. As your representative, I will fight tooth and nail to pass legislation reminding the Michigan Legislature who they work for.

Keep our elections clean and accountable

From the very beginning, my campaign has pledged not to take a single penny from corporate donors. I made this decision because I felt that the only real way to run an honest race is to be beholden to voters and voters alone. Eight months later and not once have I regretted this decision. It is time we sent representatives to Lansing that understand that no amount of money will make you a good representative of your district. As your representative, I will spend countless hours looking to change our elections system to prevent corporate interests from buying our representatives.