Reform our Auto Insurance System

The State of Michigan has the highest average Auto Insurance Costs in the entirety of the United States at an average of $213.00 a month. Meanwhile, our neighbor Ohio pays the lowest of any State in the United States. Now I for one am very disappointed to admit that Ohio is beating us in any category, but especially Auto Insurance Costs. Our rates are high for a number of reasons, all of which can be dealt with on a State level. We need to ensure that Michigan’s roads are of high quality, because every pothole is a chance that you will need to repair your car. We also need to tackle institutional problems in the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. The MCCA requires insurance companies to cover the first $500,000 of costs associated with medical care after a severe car accident. This leads insurance companies to view each new person they sign as a potential loss of $500,000. Surrounding states have numbers almost a tenth of that, and it is time that Michigan followed suit. By lowering this cap, Auto Insurance companies will be able to offer policies at much lower rates than they currently do.

Reform our Healthcare System

Health insurance is a necessity for every Michigan family. The current health insurance system is bulky and inefficient, and it is time that we look for a new system that will take the pressure off of Michigan businesses. In 2015 employers in America spent $12,591 on average to cover the families of every employee that worked for them. It is time that we lift this burden off of business so they can reinvest in themselves and help to grow Michigan’s economy. I intend to move Michigan forward by looking for more government supported options for health care and health insurance. It is time we gave businesses and families a lasting peace of mind.