Protect our Schools from Private Attacks

The DeVos agenda in Washington and Lansing has concocted a profit motive in our education system. While companies profit, the children of Michigan are being neglected. We need to ensure that we are protecting our public education, as it is the only way to ensure that every child in Michigan has the opportunity to work hard and access the future they deserve. As your representative, I intend to put the interests of our kids before the interests of private agencies. I am the only candidate in the race that refuses contributions from the DeVos family, as I understand that I cannot be beholden to any one family or group of donors; especially not to those that would see Michigan children treated like a product. We need to send a clear message: Michigan children are not for sale.

Keep politics out of our textbooks

The Michigan Department of Education has proposed changes to Michigan’s social studies curriculum that take a very bias stance on several historical events in the 20th century. These changes downplay the role of civil rights activists in shaping current law, and pit different groups within our country against each other instead of encouraging cooperation. The classroom is no place for bias. As your representative I intend to remind the Michigan Department of Education that facts are facts.

Provide Teachers with the support and training they need

For years we have heard countless stories of teachers spending their own money to afford basic supplies in the classroom. I personally feel that enough is enough. It is time for the state to step up and ensure that every teacher, regardless of their school district, is able to afford the supplies they need to educate our children. However, school supplies are just the start. We need to reinvest in our educators salaries, as well as in professional development and teacher training programs. This way we can ensure that Rochester Schools, along with every school district in our State, have access to the highest quality of educators available.

Partner with educators to reshape Michigan’s Education Policy

Instead of getting input from people like Betsy DeVos, it is time that we bring teachers to the table when reforming education policy in our state. As your representative, I intend to create a network of educators around the State to advise me on how to take action on education. I fully believe that nobody is better equipped to advise me on education than the dedicated men and women that devote their lives to building a better future for the people of our state.